“If God loves people so much as Christians claim, why did my mother die of cancer? Why doesn’t God heal everyone? “


If there is a question that arouses a lot of discussion, it is this one: why doesn’t God heal everyone? The strange thing is that this question plays a role both within and outside of Christian circles.

Disease affects people from all walks of life, regardless of background or belief. The advantage that Christians have when sickness occurs is that they can pray to God for healing.

That possibility alone offers some relief in the suffering. And the prayer for healing often provides enormous comfort.

But yes, praying does not guarantee that the sick person actually heals. Everyone knows examples of people who, despite having been prayed for a great deal, have remained ill or died.

“They have lost the battle against the disease.”

“They have lost the battle against the disease,” we read on the funeral card. God does not seem to hear the pleas of his beloved believers, exceptions, of course. So as an unbeliever you should not start at all … Yet?


That God wants and can heal sick people is not a myth. Fortunately, the Bible is full of eyewitness accounts. God reveals himself not only as the Creator of humanity, but also as the one who brings recovery when things go wrong.

Imagine someone making a great invention or putting together something really beautiful. Will he or she not defend the product hand and tooth when criticism comes, or do repairs if there is damage?

That’s how it is with God. He healed people and still heals! When Jesus walked the earth, He felt sorry for everyone who was sick or weak and healed them all. He did that with a word, a touch or a gesture.

The stories are fascinating and certainly inspiring and the motivation for Christians to pray with and for each other when illness comes around. Fortunately, there are so many wonderful stories from people who are miraculously healed.


But that does not answer the question why God does not heal everyone. If He is so loving and gracious, why let people suffer and die early? All those serious illnesses, does praying for the sick help?

All those serious illnesses, does praying for the sick help?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to those painful questions. People who have received healing through prayer will think differently than those who have lost a loved one despite prayer for healing.

People who have received healing know for sure: God heals! The opposite is unfortunately also a certainty for many: I am not healed, so God does not (always) heal.


I think the problem is in the question “why doesn’t God always heal?” herein, that we measure His ability and will to heal by our personal experiences.

In other words, if we do not experience that God is good, we label Him as bad. If we do not experience that God is merciful, we label Him as harsh. If we do not experience that God heals, our logical conclusion is that He does not want that.

If our image of God is dependent on our personal experiences, we serve a different God every day. The Bible creates a clear picture: God is the Creator and the physician.

There is no simple answer to the question why not every person who is prayed for heals. Just as there is no answer to the question why people die after years of treatment and never experience healing.

Are we mad at the doctor then? Is it fair to be angry with God?

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