Prayer for someone having surgery

Prayer for someone having surgery

Praying for another

When I open my curtains, the sun shines through a crack. “Thank you Lord, that is nice to wake up.” It is time to get up and as soon as I am at the cradle of my son I get a big smile. “Thank you Lord for this sweet little man, will you care for Him again today?” A moment later I am in the shower and I am thinking about the day ahead and my thoughts are stuck during that difficult conversation at work “Will you give me wisdom, I am so upset about it …” 

This is how I pray to God throughout the day. I express all my thoughts and feelings of gratitude or doubt to Him. God who is my father and friend always wants to be involved in every facet of my life. God is loving and caring and at the same time the creator of heaven and earth. God has all power and is powerful and invincibly strong. I can hardly reconcile these two images, but I have learned to trust this all-embracing God.

Connection with God

My confidence has grown because I have a constant connection with Him, by thanking Him for everything I wonder about. In my gratitude I learn to see His greatness and by seeing His greatness my confidence and desire to be in conversation and relationship with Him grows. My faith and trust in God are the basis of my life.

From that trust, we may also pray for someone else in faith. Praying is not just talking and communicating with God, but when we pray for another it means that we transfer that to God’s father’s hands. And he will not let go of everything that God takes in His hands. That means that every situation we give to God is given the opportunity to change, heal or heal. Prayer can therefore have major consequences that go beyond what we can imagine.

I pray for you

Sometimes we come across people who are in desperate situations. We can offer a listening ear and do what is within our reach, but sometimes that is not enough and we feel helpless. When we pray for another, we are never powerless because we may know that every person is safe with Him. Praying means letting go and surrendering to God who will never let go of what His hand began.

I hope this thought gives you peace and courage to be open to the people around you. In good and bad times. I hope it gives you the desire to connect and to pray for the people around you. Do you find it difficult to entrust your loved one to God? Practice thanking Him for everything that comes to mind and experience how your confidence will grow.

And instead of being able to wish people strength, we can tell them ‘I pray for you’.


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