Prayer for Surgery

When we or someone we love has to undergo surgery, it is inevitable to feel fear and distress. For this, it is best to pray and place the procedure in God’s hands. Below is a powerful  prayer  for surgery and a protective psalm for medical interventions.

Prayer for someone having surgery

prayer for surgery

For an operation to be successful, it is necessary to have a qualified and trusted doctor , as well as divine protection. Therefore, it is indicated to begin praying and asking God for protection days before the surgical procedure. God will provide calmness, tranquility and wisdom to doctors and will also closely monitor the operation so that the body of the operated responds in the best possible way. Gather family and friends in prayer, pray with great faith:

God Father,

You are my refuge, my only refuge.

I ask you, Lord,

make everything go well in the surgery

and grant healing and help.

Guide the surgeon’s hands to be successful.

Thank you, Lord,

because I know that doctors are your instruments and helpers.

Nothing can happen to me (or happen to the operated person)

except what is decided by you, O Father.

Take me (or take him) in your arms now,

over the next few hours and the days to come.

That I may rest completely in the Lord,

even when unconscious.

As I give you all my being (the whole being of ) in this operation, allow my life (his whole life) to be in your light.


A prayer for before surgery

prayer for surgery

Prayer for surgery. Stay with me Lord, all have left I said that I was not afraid of prayer but oh well, You know me and You know my fears You see my unrest, my hidden tear.

Stay with me Lord, if the strange darkness on clear day will revolve around me if I cannot think prayer cannot say anything when there is no consciousness in me.

Stay very ahead of the Lord, operate them with all their shiny and sharp things and all their knowledge will surround You govern your own hands, assist them.

Help me, faithful Father, oh, make it right. Stay with me too if I may again for Stay with me Lord, want to calm me down now Stay with Lord, give me a little courage.

A prayer for successful surgery

The prayer for a successful surgery is a supplication to the mighty God who heals, heals, renews and allows a new life without pain, without suffering. You are going to undergo a delicate surgery and are afraid: courage, hope and faith. It will be all right with your surgery, because the God who makes you will make the necessary repairs to your physical body, giving you a new chance to enjoy life with health, strength and joy. God’s grace is powerful and his mercy is infinite for you.

God’s word teaches us in  Isaiah 53: 4-5: 

“Surely he has taken our sickness upon himself, and taken our sickness upon himself; yet we consider him punished by God, afflicted and afflicted by God. But he was pierced because of our transgressions, he was crushed because of our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we were healed. ”

In Psalm 30: 2 it is written: “Lord my God, I cried unto thee for help, and you healed me.” In Psalm 103: 3 , “He forgives all your sins and heals all your sickness.”

Prayer for successful surgery

My father,

You are the doctor of the doctors. The anesthetist of anesthetists. There is no disease that you cannot cure. There is nothing greater than your will for my life. I stand before you and call for everything to work out in my surgery.

I want to witness the life that is reborn with this healing. Bless the hand of the doctor and his staff to take care of me, as I am your creation. I ask you to be by my side holding my hand throughout the operation.

Thank you in advance for the cure and success of my operation.  God of love, kindness and mercy.

Grateful to hear my simple prayer. Amen.

Praying for healing

Creator God , Source of all life, love, peace, wisdom, knowledge and power. You are a loving father who watches over your creation. In Your infinite love You have sent Your dear Son Jesus Christ to offer us healing and restoration, forgiveness and mercy for the transgressions of the law of Love that we, as humanity, have deeply guilty of.

Also forgive me to the extent that I have participated in breaking the law of Love. I too am partly responsible for the misery that is in the world through this transgression. I thank You for the forgiveness and the grace and the cleansing that I may receive deep down through the way that Jesus went out of pure Love for me by bridging the infinite irreconcilable gap between You and me with His own life.

In humility and deep gratitude, I connect with this Bridge and ask You to let Your loving healing healing and healing power flow to me through Your Son Jesus Christ. All things are possible with you. Clean my body with Your love and touch my body with Your creative and healing power. Remove all cells and substances that cause the disease from my body and teach me how by changing my life I can participate in the process of healing. 

Bless the doctors, doctors and medication so that everything will cooperate in support of the healing process. Lead me in the way that I may go in if necessary and give me peace, confidence and strength in this way.

Assist me in my illness so that I may experience Your loving comforting presence in my suffering and discomfort. Give me confidence and faith to connect me even in difficult moments with Your healing Love that is stronger than death.

In Your hands I entrust my life. I hide with you.